SEND at Aqueduct


SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Making our school inclusive for children recognised as having a special educational need and/or disability is a priority for us. 

Life as a SEND child at Aqueduct

SEND overview
This video explores what school life is like for a child with SEND  at Aqueduct Primary School. We catch snippets of interventions and areas of school we have to support children with a variety of needs. The song you can hear is one of our favourites, 'One and a Million' which includes our school tagline 'Building tomorrow, leading the way'.  This overview (updated September 2020) uses data to show how our school's percentage of children with SEND compares to national. It also outlines our interventions and the impact they have. It has data to show our exclusion, attendance and attainment percentages for children with and without SEND.  In the final segment, it has our key strengths and areas for development in regards to SEND.