School Offer


Our support for Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs


Our support for Communication and Interaction needs


Our support for Cognition and Learning needs


Our support for Physical and/or Sensory needs


As well as supporting children in class, it is important that we support our SEND children during unstructured times of the day such as break times, lunchtime and transition times. Here is information about how SEND pupils are supported throughout the day.

Lunchtime supervisors 

Our lunchtime supervisors are familiar adults who also support the children in their lunchtimes. They again support and encourage play, keep children safe and reinforce our school expectations. They have all been trained in how to have structured conversations when dealing with behaviour and know how to follow our school behaviour policy, ensuring a consistent approach. 

Play equipment

There is lots of activities and play equipment out at lunchtime for the children to access. This includes badminton rackets, basketballs and hoops, hula hoops, giant Connect 4, chalks, giant Jenga, books, paper and pencils, lego, train set and many more! 



The children have the opportunity to enter the Pitstop at lunchtimes. They can do this if they are struggling to find someone to play with, they want to have some time indoors, they are feeling sad or worried or if they just want a break from running around. Mrs Lockley is situated in the Pitstop at this time and supports the children where necessary. There are a number of activities available such as colouring, reading and writing. 

Adventure Trail

Last year, we were very happy with our new addition to our playground - the Adventure Trail! There is a clear rota that states which year group can play on it on which day so that the children are safe. This encourages children to build on their balance, gross motor skills and strength. 

Reading club

Every lunchtime, Mrs Clarke hosts a Reading Club. Children can choose to stay indoors and read a book rather than go outside.