School Policies

Details of our Admissions Policy can be found in the School Prospectus

Equalities Statement:

Within the Equality and Community Cohesion Policy, you will find the Disability Equality and Accessibility Plans, which set out actions that we aim to take to improve specific areas for the pupils, parents, staff and visitors to school.<

We are aiming to raise the levels of progress and attainment of pupils who are eligable to receive funding via the Pupil Premium Grant, so that they achieve in line with their peers and meet National Expectations by the end of KS1 and KS2.

NOTE: Please note the 2020-21 Child Protection Policy for Aqueduct Primary has been written in line with Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Partnership (TWSP). The policy has been updated to reflect changes to Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2020. It has been published on our web-site prior to being adopted by the full governing body as advised by the Telford and Wrekin Safeguarding Partnership.

If you would like to request any of the below policies as a paper copy, please contact the school office and these can be made available at no cost.

Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2021.pdf [ pdf | 2mb ]
Behaviour Policy March 2021 Website.pdf [ pdf | 2mb ]
Charging and remissions policy 2020 .pdf [ pdf | 1mb ]
Parental Licence Policy January 2020.pdf [ pdf | 1mb ]
Risk Assessment for return to Schools autumn term FINAL.pdf [ pdf | 3mb ]
Child Protection safeguarding policy 2020 21.pdf [ pdf | 5mb ]
Addition to Safeguarding Policy April 2020.pdf [ pdf | 2mb ]
SAFE GUARDING POLICY 2020.pdf [ pdf | 5mb ]
English Policy.docx [ docx | 2mb ]
Privacy Notice 2019.docx [ docx | 1mb ]
ASSESSMENT POLICY Dec18.pdf [ pdf | 2mb ]
Final RSE Sex and Relationship September 2018-20.pdf [ pdf | 2mb ]
Updated Curriculum Policy.pdf [ pdf | 2mb ]
PE policy November 2018.pdf [ pdf | 2mb ]
Complaints Policy Jan19.pdf [ pdf | 1mb ]
Anti-bullying.pdf [ pdf | 3mb ]
Intimate care.pdf [ pdf | 7mb ]
Accessibility plan.pdf [ pdf | 5mb ]
Medical needs.pdf [ pdf | 4mb ]
Code of Conduct for parents.pdf [ pdf | 3mb ]
Esafety policy.pdf [ pdf | 10mb ]
Social media policy.pdf [ pdf | 4mb ]
Vexatious or persistant complaints.pdf [ pdf | 4mb ]
EAL Policy.pdf [ pdf | 5mb ]
Freedom of Information Act School.pdf [ pdf | 6mb ]
Speak Up Policy.pdf [ pdf | 2mb ]