School Council

The school council
Meet Your New School Council

Chair: Carly White
Vice Chair: Emily Hill
Secretary: Noah Buckley
Assistant Secretary: Joshua Barrass
Treasurer: Alex Panter
Assistant Treasurer: Molly Scanlon


General Members are: Reception, Year 1 and 2 Erin, Harrison, Maisee-Anne, Ben, Sandra, Olly, Chloe and William

Year 3/4/5/6/ Lili, Caitlyn, Ella, Ben, Ethan.B, and Ethan.S.


“I am excited to be a school council member because I can share my own opinions and others to make the school better”, explained Carly White, Year 6, Role- Chair Person


“My role is a Vice Chair so I want to express my ideas with not only my group but the whole school. I am a kind person who always follows the values of our school”, said Emily Hill, Year 6, Role – Vice Chair Person


What is a school council?A school council is a group of children who are electected to represent Aqueduct Primary and make it a better place.


What does the school council do?

  • Share own opinions with others

  • Try make the school a better place

  • Attend regular meetings with Miss Blocksidge and Mrs Humphreys

What makes Aqueduct’s Council good?

  • Exciting activities/ideas for children to enjoy

  • Discuss different projects we would like to achieve

  • Good communication within the group

  • Follow Aqueducts keys to success and the different values to help improve our school.



Written By Emily and Carly