Our Team

                            Our Team - 2021/2022


Staff Member Responsibilities

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher

Mrs Lockley DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Clarke

KS1 Phase Leader

Curriculum Subject Lead


Reading/RWI Lead

Assistant Head Teacher

Mr Palin

KS2 Phase Leader

Maths Subject Lead


Foundation Phase Manager

Mrs Duppa

EYFS Phase Manager


Class Teachers - Foundation/KS1


Mrs Duppa

Class 1 Teacher

EYFS Phase Manager


Year 1

Miss Harrow

Class 2 Teacher

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)


Year 1/2

Mrs Mann

Class 3 Teacher

RE Subject Lead

Year 2

Miss Griffiths

Class 4 Teacher

English Subject Lead

Science Subject Lead

Class Teachers - KS2

Year 3/4

Miss Cadwallader

Class 5 Teacher

Creative Arts Subject Lead

Year 3/4

Mr Palin

Class 6 Teacher

Assistant Head Teacher

KS2 Phase Leader

Maths Subject Lead


Year 3/4

Miss Santopietro

Class 7 Teacher

SMSC Subject Lead

Year 5

Mr Parker

Class 8 Teacher

History and Geography Subject Lead 

Year 5/6

Mr Evans

Class 9 Teacher

PE Subject Lead

Computing Subject Lead

Year 6

Miss Phillips

Class 10 Teacher

Maternity Cover

MFL Subject Lead

  Miss Larlham

Class Teacher

(Maternity Leave)



Higher Level Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors Teaching Assistants

Mrs Batchelor (School Inclusion Manager & DSL) 

Mrs Kitching

Mrs Davies

Miss Fairs

Miss Woolley

Mrs Howell

Mrs Medland

Miss Blocksidge (Student Teacher) 

Mrs Badke (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Phillips (Teacher in Class 10)

Mrs Baggott

Miss Bates

Miss Forde

Mrs Hayward

Mrs Panter

Mrs Stokes

Mrs Yuayai

Mr Hall (Sports Lead)

School Administrators

Mrs Smith - School Business Manger

Miss Partridge - Administrator

Miss Cottrell - Administrator


 Gary Powell
Kitchen Staff

Debbie Reade

Gill Egan

Sarah Nelson

Amy Wozencraft

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Howell

Mrs Blair

Mrs Medland

Mrs Hayward

Mrs Richardson


Sue Bishop (Cleaner in charge)

Amy Wozencroft

Tara Jackson

Veda Griffiths