Science Week

Science Week

Last week in school, we took part in British Science Week! As part of this each class took part in a range of investigations and experiments based around their current science topic in class.

Year 5 and 6 looked closely at acids and alkalis, testing solutions to find out where they fit on the pH scale. They also tested how different items could be used as cleaning products, for example, Coca-Cola to clean your toilet.

Year 3 and 4 focused on learning around forces. They created balloon rockets, experimenting with how far the balloon would travel depending on how much air you put inside. They also created their very own black holes, testing their mass against their size.

Year 1 and 2 looked closely at materials and their properties. In English the children had been reading the story The Three Little Pigs so for science week they tested the materials used for building each house. They tested the properties of the materials and chose the best one to build a house with. They made their houses as strong as possible to try and sand up against the Big Bad Blowdryer!

Reception enjoyed doing the following science experiments:

-          Planting Beans

-          Planting Cress heads

-          Dancing Raisins

-          Balloon Rockets

-          Colour explosions using baking soda

-          Magnet play

-          Sorting materials

At the end of the week we all enjoyed inviting the parents in to share our fantastic learning.