Aqueduct's Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact


Aqueduct Primary School Curriculum Statement


Curriculum Intent

Aqueduct’s curriculum offer is broad, balanced and rich. We ensure that it is underpinned by our whole school values and we promote and foster a love of learning in all children. Our teachers plan exciting and engaging lessons, supported by the Cornerstones Curriculum, developing subject-specific knowledge, skills and understanding as set out by the National Curriculum. We ensure that children are engaged: we offer exciting opportunities for children to be enthused by their topics. We aim to develop our children’s inquisitiveness so that they are life-long learners with a thirst for information and creativity, as well as ensuring our learners have high aspirations for their futures. We nurture innovative, resilient children to enquire, hypothesise and test their ideas and deepen their learning. We maintain high expectations in speech, language and communication which strengthen pupils’ ability to express themselves and articulate their learning with confidence and clarity. Both physical and mental health and well-being are explored and embodied within our curriculum offer, allowing children the opportunity to demonstrate their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of the world in which they live.


Curriculum Implementation

Our curriculum leader works together alongside subject leaders to create long-term curriculum maps which roll over a 2-year cycle. These plans are based around half-termly or termly topics and carefully balance all of the curriculum subjects whilst embedding high standards and rich opportunities for reading, writing and numeracy. Monitoring throughout the year gauges the impact of the curriculum design. We focus particularly on: reviewing learning and progress over time as well as ensuring that our curriculum offer is accessible to all learners; evaluating pupil voice, acting on feedback from the children where possible; and celebrating our positives with staff and pupils in addition to highlighting areas for development.


Our whole school team strengthen our ethos and vision as we work together to reflect upon our curriculum, share outcomes and drive forward to ensure next steps are met. We understand that creating life-long, secure learners is not about covering every subject and every topic, but developing careful thinkers who can reason and explain their thoughts as well as children who ask questions and seek answers independently, using the skills and resources available to them.  Class teachers assess learning against subject-specific success criteria and monitoring ensures that these assessments are accurate.


As a diverse and inclusive school community, we believe our children possess the right to be successful, to see themselves as learners with different talents and skills, to recognise their own greatness and have the right to develop who they are in a respectful and nurturing environment. Aqueduct’s ethos and values are deeply rooted in our curriculum provision, with a love of learning being the foundation of everything we do, so that we really are ‘Building Tomorrow, Leading the way.’


Curriculum Impact


Our curriculum offer balances the national expectations whilst providing experiential learning and a diverse range of subjects, allowing our children to flourish, develop their individuality and maintain positive attitudes to learning. Long and medium term planning ensures that our curriculum is exciting, balanced and accessible for all learners, adapting to the needs of the children and linking to our school values. Age-related expectations fuse the teaching of knowledge and information with the development of key skills to create a rounded and purposeful learning journey for each and every child. Much of our learning is based around a ‘theme’ and this is interwoven through literacy and reading lessons, helping to demonstrate and develop a breadth of cross-curricular links with high levels of vocabulary and transferable skills. Our classrooms are inviting and our effective use of working walls ensure that children are stimulated and can develop independent learning skills and reasoning. Staff are supported with planning and their understanding of the curriculum, ensuring that they are confident in their curriculum pedagogy and that we are providing the best classroom practitioners possible for our pupils. Marking is used cohesively and consistently, allowing children the opportunity both to reflect on and deepen their learning.